Metal sheeting blown off Aurora Bridge, hits bicyclist riding below

SEATTLE -- Strong winds knocked pieces of metal sheeting off the Aurora Bridge and sent them crashing to the road below.  One piece hit a bicyclist, who was recovering  from a minor injury Tuesday night.

The victim said as soon as she saw the metal sheet, she knew she was in danger.

"Any time you fall off a bike or anything, I think your life kind of flashes before your eyes," said Letha Myers.

Myers' left arm is in a sling after a big piece of sheet metal flew off the Aurora Bridge and crashed into her.

"I saw it coming towards me. It hit the right side of my body, my head and my upper torso," said Myers.

Traffic was at a standstill around 3 p.m. because three pieces of corrugated metal soared through the air over Westlake Avenue.

"As soon as I saw it, I knew this could be really horrible," says Myers.

The Washington State Department of Transportation said the wind picked up the metal sheets.  Gusts were up to 39 mph at the time.

"Yea, it's crazy windy," said bicyclist, Marty Mortrud.

Crews were in the process of securing the metal pieces to the bridge. They’ll be used as a deck for an upcoming painting project.

Bicyclists who ride Westlake a lot say they’re now looking left, right, and up tonight.

"I think I'm just really lucky," said Myers.  Myers went to the hospital to have her arm and shoulder checked out.