Mayor praises economic vitality of Seattle in State of the City address

SEATTLE -- Mayor Ed Murray  on Tuesday delivered his State of the City address in which he praised the economic vitality of Seattle, including an unemployment rate under 3.5%.

But he reminded citizens that the city’s prosperity isn’t spread evenly.

“We cannot allow it to become affordable only to the affluent and privileged,” Murray said.

On the issues of homelessness in particular, Murray called for a new attitude.

“Our citywide discussion has taken on a divisiveness that I believe only adds to the already overwhelming challenge,” Murray said.  “It doesn’t work if we think people who disagree with us are motivated by malice.”

The mayor is trying to find a middle ground on the homeless problem, by allowing more authorized camps, but also sweeping some areas where the problem has gotten particularly bad, including 'The Jungle.'

Here are the highlights of the mayor’s speech:

    Murray said the city is working with private business to create jobs for 4,000 young people.

    “Four-thousand lives to be enriched by learning essential skills and having the chance to contribute,” Murray said.