Marysville babysitter gets 27 months for baby's death

EVERETT, Wash. -- A Marysville babysitter convicted of second-degree manslaughter in the death of a 4-month-old girl has been sentenced to 27 months in prison.

The Daily Herald reports that 24-year-old Cheyanne Jarrell received the maximum under sentencing guidelines at a hearing Wednesday in Snohomish County Superior Court. Her defense lawyer had asked for a 30-day jail sentence.

Jarrell pleaded with Judge Michael Downes not to send her away from her own daughter. The judge reminded her that a young mother lost a child.

Prosecutors say Jarrell became frustrated while watching Kailynn Watson and her own child in February 2016 and shook the girl with enough force to damage her spine. Doctors said the spinal injury paralyzed Kailynn's diaphragm, cutting off her oxygen.

Jarrell denied injuring the girl. She said she found the girl unresponsive shortly after putting her on the couch.