Lost skiers rescued off Pacific Crest Trail

SEATTLE, Wash.-- Two Seattle men are safe after getting lost while skiing along the Pacific Crest Trail on Saturday.

Mitchell Gold and Phil Robertson had gone off the trail and ended up in the Coal Creek Basin. The men texted and called friends to let them know they were lost. Friends searching for the men called them around 2:00 a.m. Sunday to say they could see the skiers, but would not be able to get to them until daylight.

"We wanted to keep out head about us, stay smart and stay strong through the night. Obviously you think about your family and friends, I know that was so hard on them that we had put them in a situation like this, but we were committed to getting out of there. We weren't going to spend another night there," said Gold.

Gold said his advice to others planning a ski trip in remote parts of the mountain: always plan like you will have to stay a couple of days longer. Take tarps, phones and GPS and always tell others when you leave and when you are expected back.