Lakewood Police arrest suspect in 2015 murder investigation; say WMW viewer was key to solving case

LAKEWOOD -- June 15, 2017

After Danny Guerin was murdered on August 27, 2015, Lakewood Police had little information to go on at the time and the case remained under investigation. Recent information was developed through the help of the public and a person of interest was identified.

"It was the information from WMW that had them come forward and speak with our detectives.  So, a big shout out to you and your crew for the help on this case being solved," said Lt. Andy Gildehaus.​

Through continued investigative measures, detectives were able to place this person at the scene and develop probable cause for his arrest. On June 14, 2017, David Earl Ray Gallegos was arrested in Lakewood and interviewed by detectives. He was later booked into the Pierce County Jail on one count of Murder in the second degree.  Gallegos is WMW Capture #893.

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- A year after a local man was stabbed to death in a Lakewood Park, investigators may finally have the clue they need to solve his murder.

Visiting her son’s gravesite hasn’t gotten easier for Vicky Jordan. She doubts it ever will.

"You’ll never have closure when you have your child murdered in such a violent way," she said.

A year ago on August 27, 2015, Lakewood police found Jordan’s son, Daniel Guerin, stabbed to death near his pickup truck at Seeley Lake Park in Lakewood.

"He really was such a gentle person to us so for him to go out in such a violent way is really horrible to us," said Jordan.

Days after the crime, Lakewood Police released this surveillance video of someone entering the park minutes before Guerin did, hoping it would lead to answers.

"As much as we pled with the public, the media covered the event but we didn’t have any significant leads," said Lakewood Police Lt. Chris Lawler.

A year later, detectives haven’t given up on the case. They have evidence that could lead to a major break in the investigation.

"The investigators when they went to the scene found what appeared to be some fresh spit or saliva, probably about five or six feet from the victim’s body," said Lawler. "They took that collection and we have a DNA profile of the saliva and it came back as a male. It’s all we know. That’s all we know. We’ve entered it into CODIS, which is a nationwide database. We’re waiting for a hit."

Daniel’s family say they’ll wait as long as they need for justice to be served.

"We understand but we have grown somewhat impatient but not because we want revenge, but because we want justice for Daniel," said Jordan. "We don’t know whoever hurt him in a vicious way. We don’t want anyone else to be hurt."

Lakewood Police say they have about five cold cases, but they’re hopeful they're close to solving this one.