'I was in sheer panic': Woman spots coyote in busy Kent neighborhood

KENT, Wash. -- Quiana Garlin shot this video of a coyote roaming around her neighborhood. Now she’s concerned about walking her small dog around her condo complex after seeing the wild animal Last Friday.

“It was totally alarming to come outside and see something like that, I didn't know if I was seeing a wolf or what it was. I was in sheer panic.”

Garlin's never seen a coyote in Kent before, so she was surprised the animal seemed so comfortable around people.

“It doesn't care that it's in a populated area or that cars are driving around it. It's not frightened whatsoever.”

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife say it’s getting a lot of calls about coyote sightings. Agents say because of this summer’s drought, the animals might not have had enough food, so they’re moving in closer to cities.

Garlin is sharing this video with her neighbors, so they'll be aware.

“There's lots of elderly, lots of animals and pets, lots of kids. And everyone I spoke to had no idea that it's around here.”

Garlin says she’ll take her dog to the park from now on. She doesn’t want to take the chance of running into the coyote again.

“I don't know if I can bring something along that might scare it, or what to do. So I’m just like I'll just go somewhere else.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife advises you to keep small pets inside or on leashes—and to keep the areas around your trash cans clean.