Human 'mole' burrows through strip mall walls to steal hair dryers, candy and stamps?

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. -- A burglar knocked holes in walls to gain entry to three businesses in a Snoqualmie strip mall -- and left with only a couple of hair dryers and shears, a few stamps and a little candy.

It started at the back door of the Lila Ruby Salon, where the burglar first broke in.

Salon owner Angela Fevaro said her staff was shocked Saturday morning to find not only had someone broken in and stolen a couple of blow dryers and expensive shears, but the thief made two giant holes in their walls.

"The desk was clearly a mess.  There was a huge piece of stuffing hanging out and there was just stuff everywhere. We could literally see through the wall to our neighbors," said Fevaro.

"Basically it's not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday morning," added Carlos Deimus, who   runs the Edward Jones office next door.

After the burglar burrowed his way through the Edward Jones wall, he went digging for documents.  Deimus thinks the burglar was looking for sensitive client information, but didn't leave with any.  He said the thief only got away with a couple of stamps and some candy from his desk.

He did leave behind a strange drawing on the wall.

And it didn’t stop there. After the thief got his sugar rush in Edward Jones, he burrowed his way next door to the nail salon and wound up in a waxing room.  Between the three stores, the thief caused several thousand dollars in damage.

All of us are looking at each other, we can't even figure out a motive, like what were they after?" Fevaro said. "At first, we were kind of thinking, maybe it was identity theft or petty cash, but they didn't even get any money from us.

"They probably caused more damage and wreaked more havoc than anything," she said.

The business owners say they plan to do everything they can to upgrade security, alarm systems, cameras, whatever they need to make the place just feel more secure. Police say they don't have any suspects. If anyone has information, they should contact authorities.