Earlier start makes normal West Seattle commute a snooze

SEATTLE – The commute into downtown from West Seattle started about an hour-and-a-half earlier than normal, but by the time seven o’clock rolled around, most drivers called it a Sunday morning stroll.

“I've not really experienced that much of a difference than a weekend drive,” said West Seattle resident David Griffiths.

But we were expecting carmaggedon.

“I think we were all expecting it to be carnage this morning,” said Griffiths.

Either way, David Griffiths no longer makes his 45-minute commute from West Seattle to Shoreline.

“My commute is a short stroll down the stairs holding a cup of coffee,” said Griffiths.

While David now works from home, Jen Lennon stayed home to sleep in.

“I figured it would be pretty horrible, so I took today off,” said Lennon.

Her husband hit the road at 5 a.m. to make it to a downtown Seattle meeting by 8 a.m., just in case.

“He just figured it would be really terrible. So, he figured if he left at five, he would miss all of it and he did,” said Lennon.

Michelle Johnson also left a bit earlier from Des Moines.

“Just gave myself an extra 15 minutes and I really didn’t need it. It was pretty fast,” said commuter Michelle Johnson.

Giving her plenty of time to stop by Starbucks to get a coffee and breakfast before work, but she’s bracing herself for what the rest of the week has in store.

“I think people are working from home at least for the first few days, working from home if they can, trying to avoid it.  I’m sure it’ll get busy soon,” said Johnson.

Johnson is worried because people like Jen Lennon can’t stay home forever.  She’ll join commuters Tuesday.

“Leave early,” said Lennon.