Dozens sickened with norovirus-like illness after eating at South Lake Union restaurant

SEATTLE – Dozens of people became violently ill after eating at a restaurant in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, the King County Health Department said Wednesday.

The department says 30 customers of Brave Horse Tavern contracted symptoms resembling norovirus shortly after eating at the restaurant between November 23 and 24.

An investigation found that 11 restaurant employees were similarly ill. Two of those workers had family members who were sick prior to the outbreak.

Symptoms of norovirus include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain and the illness is highly infectious, according to the CDC.

The restaurant was closed last Wednesday for cleaning and disinfection and all potentially contaminated food was thrown out.

Neighboring restaurant Trattoria Cuoco also received the same treatment as the two restaurants share the same managers and some equipment.

Investigators also provided employees information about preventing the spread of norovirus before the restaurant reopened.

The restaurant provided a hotline for customers to call with any questions or concerns: (877) 394-4149