Clinton says if elected, half of her Cabinet will be women

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton says she will aim to have a Cabinet that is half women if she is elected president.

During an MSNBC town hall Monday evening, host Rachel Maddow asked Clinton if she would match a pledge that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made — and kept — to appoint women to half of his Cabinet positions.

Clinton says, "I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50 percent of America is women."

Four of President Barack Obama's current 15-member Cabinet are women.

Clinton also said she didn't set any conditions for supporting Barack Obama when she exited the primary race in 2008 and says she hopes "we will see the same this year."

Maddow asked the Democratic presidential candidate if she would consider adopting any of Bernie Sanders' platform to win over his supporters should she become the nominee.

Clinton says she is "winning because of what I stand for and what I've done and what our ideas are."

Clinton says that when she lost the nomination to Obama in 2008, "I didn't say, you know what, if Senator Obama does X, Y and Z, maybe I will support him."