CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Thieves run out of store with cameras; store manager dragged by getaway car

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- A store manager says he was dragged by a getaway car after thieves stole thousands of dollars in camera equipment from Robi’s Camera Center Thursday morning.

Manager Tod Wolf ran after the women who took two cameras and other equipment valued at nearly $5,000. Wolf said he attempted to stop the car that the thieves jumped into before it left the parking lot.

“My arm went through the back window, which was plastic because it was already broken out, and I ended up holding onto the headrest in the front while I was being drug by the side of the car,” said Wolf.

Wolf’s head hit the pavement and he was transported to the hospital. He needed stitches to close several gashes.

Security cameras captured the two women wandering around the store for nearly a half-hour. Wolf said they were inspecting the cameras and talking to a sales associate before they ran out the front door.

“I imagine there is a crime in the parking lot as well as the crime in here since I was injured and I’d like to see them come to justice,” said Wolf.

The security video has been turned over to Lakewood police.

Wolf believes another customer inside the store may have also been involved.