CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Giant hippo launches its entire body out of water right at safari tour boat

KAFUE NATIONAL PARK, Zambia --  A safari tour operator captured some incredible footage of a hippo launching itself out of the water right at his speed boat.

The video was uploaded to Michael Varndell’s Facebook page late Tuesday.

Varndell is the managing director of a tour company called Malawian Style Safari and Adventure Holiday.

Varndell apparently shot the video in Kafue National Park in Zambia.

The video begins with a shot of ripples in the water at distance from the boat.  As the boat moves so do the ripples, closer toward the boat.  Suddenly a giant hippo’s head emerges from the water as it launches its entire body out of the water right at the boat.

The boat quickly speeds away leaving the hippo in its wake.

“Nothing like getting too close for comfort,” wrote Varndell on Facebook.