2 men shot and killed in Tacoma on Sunday

Tacoma Police are investigating a double homicide after two men were shot and killed early Sunday morning.

Police were called to the 7600 block of South Tacoma Way around 4:15 a.m. for reports of a shooting. The area is near several car dealerships.

First responders said they tried to save both men, but they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police do not have any information on a suspect at this time.

A Q13 News photographer said the crime scene appears to be very spread out, and reported seeing over 175 evidence markers.

Neighboring business owners believe the shooting is connected to a party that started on Saturday night at one of the commercial units. Police have not yet confirmed the events leading up to the shooting.

"My wife and I were here chatting when we saw probably a group of about six or seven bikers pull into the parking lot and I thought it was kind of strange like, huh, I haven’t seen that before," said Johnnie McCurley who owns Automotive Innovations. "We’re just kind of taken back by the whole thing because I just think everyone’s just kind of stressed out with all the tension. It's really running really high obviously from Covid and stuff like that. It’s alarming to see the rate of the violence that’s going on in this city."

Last year the City of Tacoma saw a startling rise in the number of homicides, and the violence seen so far this year is just as concerning to Tacoma's Community Police Advisory Committee (CPAC).

"We would hope that we would be doing better than we were last year. I think we ended the year at 32 homicides last yea. We don’t want to repeat that," said Chair Stephen Hagberg of CPAC. "Give each other an extra hug. Be there for each other. I actually have a personal connection to a homicide that happened last month and it’s just absolutely devastating."

A few weeks ago the Tacoma City Council unanimously approved to spend $25,000 on gun violence prevention efforts.

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