2 ex-members of UW rowing team charged with recording, distributing video of sex without women's consent

SEATTLE -- Two former members of the University of Washington rowing team have been charged with recording and sharing video and images of sex with women without their knowledge or permission.

The King County Prosecutor's Office on Friday charged Tyler Minney with two counts of Disclosing Intimate Images and John Young with one count. The charges are gross misdemeanors.

The court set bail at $30,000 for Minney and $20,000 for Young.

Their arraignment is set for Aug. 17.

In May, when the investigation was first announced, the two men were suspended indefinitely from the program, the university said.

According to court documents, police and prosecutors allege that Minney and Young had sex with one woman who was highly intoxicated, filmed the encounter with her knowledge or consent and later distributed it to fellow classmates over the next few months. It was only months later that the woman discovered that the sexual acts had been filmed and distributed.

In addition, police and prosecutors allege that Minney photographed a sexual encounter with another woman without her knowledge and consent and distributed the photo to fellow classmates. She, too, learned later the photo had been distributed.

"The actions of the defendants have profoundly and negatively impacted the lives of (the two women) by causing them embarrassment, shame and pain," the prosecutor said. "The pattern of behavior shown by Minney is particularly concerning."