Yes it's COLD, but Walter says it's rare to have so much November sunshine

SEATTLE -- Special weather for this time of year. Yes, it will be cold, but it is rare to have this much November sunshine!

Monday starts out cold with lows at or below freezing. It’ll be frosty again and a few areas will have some fog. The icy fog means another morning with ice scrapers so allow some extra time to get to work/school. Monday will be sunny with a high near 51.

Tuesday starts out dry and icy and the day looks dry but by Tuesday night we get a little rain.

The rain continues into Wednesday morning and it will be mild with a low near 43. Wednesday afternoon will be dry.

Thursday will be back to the cold sunshine. Friday looks good with morning fog and afternoon sunshine.

This next weekend looks dry. Thank you El Nino. Right now, there is NO storm in the forecast!