Winter Weather Special: Flood Insurance

SEATTLE -- Every year in Washington, heavy rain and melting snow cause flooding in the Fall, Winter, and early Spring months.

If your home floods, the damage may not be covered under you homeowner's or renter's policy.

"So if a pipe bursts inside your wall, that's covered by your homeowner's insurance, but what you might not know is that if there is a creek that overflows, for instance, that is not covered by your homeowner's insurance," says Derek Wing with Pemco Insurance.

In addition to flood insurance, an emergency kit can help you and your family get through the aftermath of a flood. At minimum, have enough supplies for 3 days worth of being away from home.

And know the difference between a WATCH and a WARNING.

If your area is under a FLOOD or FLASH FLOOD WARNING: Take action! Flooding is imminent or occurring, so immediately move to higher ground.

If your area is under a FLOOD or FLASH FLOOD WATCH: Be prepared! Conditions are favorable for flooding.