Winter storm warning: 5-8" of snow expected for much of western Washington

SEATTLE -- Another snowstorm is on the way.

Overnight Thursday we'll start seeing snow moving in slowly from north to south.

Thanks to a low developing along the B.C. coastline,  we've got a Winter Storm Watch that will become a storm warning as we get closer. Most everyone except the coast will see some significant (for us) snowfall.

    The Q13 Weather Center is tracking two different models: the RPM from the National Weather Service and the European Forecast model.

    Each looks at different factors in the forecast and come up with different solutions for what the precipitation pattern looks like.

    Here's a snapshot of how 8 a.m. Friday looks for both models. One shows very light snow up north -- one much heavier.

    A look at two different models forecasting the upcoming snowstorm

    The RPM is heavy on Friday snow up north (darker blue colors) -- but lighter on Saturday with some on and off snow showers. The Euro is light on Friday snow -- but it keeps steady snow for 8-12 hours, a major snow event.

    Most places will see 5-8 inches of snow, but those totals could be higher or lower. Areas along the coast will see less.

    While forecast models are not quite in alignment yet, the arrival time is generally in sync. And they both agree we're getting snow Friday and Saturday.

    It's going to be breezy and windy. The snow that falls is going to be on the ground for awhile.

    The weekend looks wintry. Snow is expected to continue into Saturday afternoon. The Winter Storm Watch is set to expire at 6 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday looks dry, but we'll still be locked in the freezer. 

    Monday starts out dry, but forecast models are hinting at round three of possible snow. A lot of the snow totals depends a lot on the path of the incoming storm: we'll know about specific amounts tomorrow.

    Be safe, be smart, and keep it tuned to Q13. We'll be updating the forecast on all our platforms.

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