Widespread rain makes for a soggy start to the work week

An atmospheric river will continue to increase rain chances across Western Washington. Expect steady light rain with heavy downpours embedded in the activity throughout the night and into tomorrow. As the rain and gusty winds continue tonight, expect mild temperatures. 

Here is a look at your morning commute forecast:

Temperatures will fall into the mid-lower 40s. Normal temperatures bottom out at around 40 degrees. Watch out for standing water, low visibilities, and gusty winds. Winds will be sustained between 10-20 mph with gust exceeding 20 mph. 

It'll be a sloppy day! On top of the rain, we'll see mountain snow. We'll have to pay close attention to the convergence zone! This could trigger heavier amounts on snow across the passes if it's strong enough. 

As the rain continues over the next 48 hours, we'll be calculating the totals. We could see between 5-6" at the Olympics, 2-3" at the Coast, 1-2" around the South Sound, about an 1" around the Central Sound, and .25-.50" across the North Sound. As the rain adds up, we'll be keeping a close eye on our river levels. Most rivers are projected to reach their peak on Tuesday. 

Here are a few rivers that are predicted to reach either minor or action flood stage:

The Cascades are expected to get hit hard too. The snow level will sit around 4,000' and we could see between 1-3' of snow (highlighted in purple below). Areas like Snoqualmie Pass and Steven's Pass will see a mix of rain and snow. Check in on those road conditions as they continue to change, and the accumulation adds up!

By now I'm sure you’ve felt the winds kick up. Expect gusty conditions over the next 48 hours with gusts exceeding 20-25 mph.

I'll leave you with a look at your 7-day forecast!

Have a good one.