We woke up to the coldest temps of the season, but relief is coming

SEATLE -- Clear skies early, weak wind and sheltered valleys allowed for some of the coldest low temperatures of the winter season this morning. Cities around the South Sound woke up to temperatures in the teens, but today was the last day.

Q13 meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson says the day ahead will be sunny with a range of high temperatures for Western Washington. Wind protected valleys will remain quite cool in the upper 20s to low 30s while areas with a more southerly exposure and the sun will warm 2 to 3 degrees from Wednesday's highs.

On Friday, Western Washington will see highs near 34 degrees. That's a little over 5 degrees warmer than today. High clouds will leave the region with mostly sunny skies, a light shower is possible on the north coast.

Saturday will be dry for most of the day, but by late afternoon incoming weather may begin a snow or a rain/snow mix before increasing rain overnight into a rainy Sunday.

Stevenson says late Saturday snow accumulation has a higher probability around parts of the Kitsap Peninsula and Hood Canal along with high hills closer to the Cascades. The snow should be short-lived while a transition to rain and temperatures closer to 40 develop.

For the Seahawks game, folks should be prepared for either a quick transition from mixed snow/rain to rain, or, just a cold rain.

The timing of that precipitation appears to be about 7 p.m. Saturday.

The Q13 weather team will keep a close eye on that system as it moves into our region.