Warm & sunny for the last days of spring

Some brief morning clouds/foggy spots in Lewis County and along the coast-- but another nice late spring day ahead. Around Puget Sound, it will be all day sunshine. 

Temps starting out in the mid 40s and low 50s for most of us and highs will be warmer than yesterday. We'll likely be in the mid 70s for most around Puget Sound. This weather pattern holds for the rest of (what’s left) of spring. High pressure will be in control the next several days. Weather systems to our north will help pull in a bit of marine cooling each night-- so it should help keep our temps in the comfortable temps for the next three days. 

Starting Sunday, we'll see temps closer to 80. High pressure moves right over us and that drives in some warming Cascade downslope winds. Warmest day of our mini heat wave looks to be Monday with highs in the mid 80s to perhaps upper 80s. 

We've had 5 days of 80+ temps so far this year. In a typical year we see about 26 days of 80 or above. 

Wow! Did you see them? We had a special treat in the skies above Western Washington in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday. An appearance of noctilucent clouds high in the sky. These clouds are made up of ice crystals in the mesosphere-- so above the normal place we see clouds in the troposphere. Noctilucent is latin for "night shining" and these are only visible when the sun is under the horizon line in the summer season. The iridescent fibrous looking clouds are not very well understood-- but watch for them in the northern skies near astronomical twilight. This time of year that happens around 11p and 3a in our part of the country. Enjoy! -Tim Joyce 


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