Unusually cold holiday week brings lots of mountain snow

SEATTLE -- Unusually cold weather heads our way!

Monday starts out with temperatures in the mid 30s. There is an active Convergence Zone that will produce some hail and some brief heavy showers.

The passes get five new inches of snow Monday. The Metro will also be in the Rain Shadow so many of us stay dry Monday.

Tuesday will be similar with very low snow levels although I’m not expecting much in terms of moisture. It will be cold enough for some of us to see snow showers especially in the Convergence Zone and foothills.

Seattle remains mostly dry during this event but places like Monroe, Port Angeles and Enumclaw could get a little snow. More snow for the mountain passes Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday are going to be husty but Sunny. It’ll be very cold for the holiday with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s.

Quick Links:

    I’d expect icy roads each morning and night since it will be so cold.

    The overall pattern is dry but any showers this week can produce hail or snow.

    Mostly dry Friday and Saturday with frigid temperatures. Next Sunday may be a day to watch as some moisture returns. Updates to follow.