Unsettled weather for the next week brings a mixed variety to the Pacific Northwest

Showers and sun breaks the current trend.  Highs Wednesday struggled to get out of the 60s.  Average for this time of year is 70.  

Overnight conditions are pretty quiet.  Lows will drop into the 40s.  The metro cooling to near 49 while farther south to Olympia we'll be cooler in the low 40s. 

Unsettled conditions will hang with us through the next week,  keeping us in a pattern of showers and sun breaks throughout most days. Friday a more organized system delivers widespread showers before letting up.  We'll dry briefly Saturday before we see tropical showers move in and muggier days with highs slightly above average in the low to mid 70s. 

A peek at our futurecast models show by mid-day Friday showers will become widespread.  

Saturday will feature left over showers to start the day with some clearing before rain moves back inland overnight into Sunday. 

Next week will feel a little muggy with tropical moisture heading our way.  Mariners return to T-Mobile Park Monday as they start a 9-game homestand. First up the Minnesota Twins and at this point we may see a roof closed situation.  We'll update as we get closer to next week.  Highs next week flux between the low to mid 70s. 

Have a great night! ~Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

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