Today's forecast: Here comes the (fall) rain again

No river flooding. No snow on the passes. Not much wind. Just Wet, Wet, Wet….. October 5th was wet with ½ an inch for the Metro. This system is looking a little wetter!

Thursday starts out with just some light rain. Thursday afternoon has some moderate rain, especially for the South Sound and Coast. Thursday night into Friday morning looks wet for ALL. The heaviest rain will be for the Mountains and Coast but the Metro gets a good soaking into Friday morning.

    I-5 corridor should easily get more than ½ an inch with many receiving an inch of rain. Since we haven’t had any rain lately the RIVERS should be able to absorb this event with No Flooding expected.

    The URBAN areas might be different if the drains are clogged with leaves so do your part to keep the drains clear. This event is too warm for any Snow on the Passes so no worries there.

    Friday afternoon clears up and we will be dry Friday evening, Saturday and early Sunday morning, Enjoy!! Sunday night looks Wet and Breezy and that should continue into Monday mornings commute. Right now, Halloween looks “mostly dry”.