This month could end up being the coldest February on record

SEATTLE -- It's cold enough to snow this week, but not very much is expected.

The overall pattern  for this week is cold, but mostly dry. Any showers that form could be all snow, especially at night and during the morning hours. The big story is that it is just "really cold."

Q13 Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said it looks like February 2019 will go down as the coldest February on record. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Monday will be cold with a low near 29 and a high near 40. There will be some snow showers, but most of us will just have some cold sunshine.

Icy roads are possible throughout the week, and lows remain in the 20s for many of us.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday look fairly similar -- cold and mostly dry -- but any shower that comes through will be snow.

At this point, anyone can see snow but accumulations are not really expected to be more than an inch at any one time. It looks a little more mild as we head into March but the overall pattern remains colder than normal. Updates to follow if snow showers develop this week.