Stormy days ahead: Heavy rain, strong winds push us into some Weather Alert Days!

Are you ready for blustery conditions around the region! If it hasn't felt like Fall to you yet, this weekend should fix that feeling for sure! We're looking at heavy rain and strong winds pushing through the area Sunday into Monday. This all thanks to a record deep low pressure system. 

Because of the strength of this weather maker some wind alerts go into effect starting Sunday morning.  Winds could gust at times up to 65 mph along the Coast, Islands, and North Sound.  Inland we'll see weaker winds, but still gusting to 40 mph.  

Make sure to lock down anything outdoors like, garbage cans and patio furniture as they may get blow around if not secure. 

Here's a look at some of the peak gusts and rainfall between 8-9am Sunday morning. 

Rain continues to pick up into mid-day with heaviest downpours over the mountains and foothills with winds gusting as well. 

By dinner time Sunday rain tapers off up and down the I-5 corridor, but along the coast and into the mountains showers will remain heavy at times. 

Rain totals around the state will vary with the coast seeing higher amounts than communities inland.  Expect anywhere from a couple of inches at the coast with near a half inch around downtown through Sunday night with totals picking up into Monday and Tuesday. 

With so much rain falling some rivers will start to rise, especially along the SW WA and Oregon coasts.  This will trigger a "Coastal Flood Warning" Sunday through Tuesday.  On top of the heavy rains high tides Monday will not help either.  (High Tides:  4:30am & 3pm) 

And don't forget Seattle fans we're forecasting a sloppy Monday Night Football experience with the New Orleans Saints in town!   Kick off set for 5:15pm from Lumen Field. 

The rest of the week features typical Autumn weather…. showers and sunbreaks with below average highs.  Enjoy! 

Have a great weekend all!  ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX13 forecaster

*Beach Forecast 

*Mountain Forecast

*Central WA Forecast

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