'Soaking' weather continues, but better days are ahead

SEATTLE -- The soaking weather continues Monday, but then better days are ahead during the week.

Monday starts out pretty damp with some showers. Seattle gets the least amount since there will be a little rain shadowing but most everyone will get a real soaking. Monday night will be very wet, especially for the east side foothills.

Area rivers will start to run high and fast. Monday would be a good day to keep your drains cleared. It’ll be quite gusty Monday with a steady breeze and some gusts around 30 mph.

Tuesday starts out with rain but Tuesday afternoon looks dry. Any rain Tuesday afternoon will be out around  the convergence zone but most of us dry out.

Quick Links:

    Wednesday will be a nice day with ample sunshine. Enjoy!

    Thursday looks really nice as well with some great fall sun and highs near 60.

    Friday has a weak system rolling through for a little rain but it doesn’t look stormy. The weekend actually looks mostly dry and pleasant.