Seattle weather: Snow fades away for now, but extremely cold temperatures take over

What a wild weather day across the region!  

Our high today for Sea-Tac happened this morning with a reading of 42, but soon after a cold front hit the area dropping temperatures quickly.  

Let's get right into our weather and traffic headlines moving forward:  

Overnight expect bone-chilling temperatures blanketing the North Sound. Bellingham will dip into the single digits with a low of 9!  Yikes! 

Roads will continue to be very dangerous with compact snow and ice everywhere.  

If you thought Tuesday's highs were chilly, Wednesday and Thursday promise to be even colder with highs only in the 20s and overnights in the teens. 

Again, overnight, everything freezes and some areas will kick the day off with fog or freezing fog. Allow for extra time while on the roads. 

Here's a peek at our morning low-temperature trend through next week: We'll warm from the teens this week and back into the low to mid-40s to start next week.  And remember, our average seasonal low temperature is 37 for this time of year. 

We are extending our Weather Alert through Wednesday because of the winter storm that blew through.  And even though our "Winter Storm Warning" drops off very early Wednesday for the Cascades, pass travel will continue to be difficult at times.  

With the blast of Arctic air, a "Wind Chill Advisory" will stay in place through about 10 a.m. Wednesday as Island communities in Western Whatcom County will experience below zero "Feels Like" temps.  We're forecasting a wind chill range between zero to as cold as 15 below for those areas.  

Other communities will be very cold as well, but just not as bone-chilling as Bellingham north across the Canadian border. 

Here's a look at 3 p.m. skies tomorrow.  We expect a mostly to partly cloudy day. Filtered sunshine is the theme Wednesday with clouds increasing Thursday. 

Highs both Wednesday and Thursday only land in the mid to upper 20s for the Seattle area. Expect colder highs to the north. 

As we close out the week, another round of winter weather comes our way late Thursday night into early Friday. Yes, more snow forecast for the most northern tier of the state along the I-5 corridor and over the Cascades into the eastern slopes of the foothills. But for most of the area freezing rain is a big concern.  

Check out our futurecast model highlighting Friday at 5 a.m. Most of Western WA is in pink, and that indicates a frozen wintry mix possible. These conditions will not help already frozen roadways. Starting the day in the mid-teens will prove to be treacherous for everyone trying to commute to work or get last-minute holiday shopping done. 

Know the roads before you go! Make sure to download our FOX 13 Weather App to help you navigate your day.  

We will see another big pattern shift as we warm up this weekend into next week.  We're keeping tabs on a possible atmospheric river hitting the region! Stay tuned! 

Have a great night all!  Stay safe and warm!  ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster

*Tracking travel conditions across the region.