Smoke and haze continue to produce unhealthy air quality, but that could change this weekend.

Smoke, haze and fog continue to dominate our forecast. Much needed rain is in sight, but timing and strength of this anticipated weather maker is the question everyone has on their mind as we live through this terrible fire season together. What we can tell you is we are keeping any eye on one particular system expected to move through the area late Thursday into Friday morning.  This front should help clean out some of the smoke but until then an air quality alert remains in effect through tomorrow at 12p.m.  Note, this alert probably will be extended depending on the timing of the rain. 

Tonight, expect widespread smoke all around the Pacific Northwest. Stay indoors as much as possible as air quality sits at "unhealthy" levels.  

As of this post Friday looks to be the day of change!  Models have a front moving towards Western WA giving much needed relief.  As the system pushes in off the coast showers will fall, helping to scour out lingering smoke. We many see a few thunderstorms pop up as well with instability in the air.  The shift in wind direction will also play a factor in pushing the smoke out. Highs will drop into the mid 60s.

With healthy air quality on the way we are hopeful our Sounders will be able play Friday night at home, hosting LAFC. Kick-off set for 7pm at Centurylink Field. 

By Saturday showers should increase as our weather maker continues to track right over Puget Sound.  Highs will hang near 65.  Rain will decrease overnight into Sunday morning.  Winds will remain out of the west, northwest which is very good for improved air quality. 

Sunday afternoon we mostly likely will have a ridge build back into the forecast and depending on the strength and location there are a few concerns. Winds may shift back to southerly, which would bring back more smoke hindering our air quality again and that is not good news, especially with the Seahawks hosting the Patriots at Centurylink Field Sunday night.  However, a different model is hinting winds will not shift providing cleaner air.   

This, as you know, is a wait and see type of game!  Stay safe and healthy!  And by the way Fall officially arrives Tuesday!  

Have a great night! ~Erin


  • Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

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