Slushy, icy conditions for some as snow melts and rain returns

SEATTLE -- I'd love to say that things are back to normal, but a lot of places are still recovering from our blast of wintry weather. So, I'll say we're heading back towards normal.

Thursday and Friday will have scattered rain showers and breaks of sun. Some places will still see some snow flakes mixed in with the heavier showers, and if you've got a lot of snow in your neighborhood, expect some really slushy and icy conditions.

Friday night our next weather system rolls in. This will kick out the last of the remaining lowland snow. The path of the storm means it'll be all rain for the lowlands, with lots more snow to the mountains on Saturday.

Sunday and Monday we'll see scattered rain showers. High temps for the second two-thirds of the Martin Luther King holiday weekend will flirt with 50 degrees, something we haven't seen in about a week.

Another round of lowland rain and mountain snow looks likely Tuesday.