'Sloppy system' brings rain, strong gusts to western Washington Tuesday

SEATTLE -- Tuesday will be wet and gusty thanks to another sloppy system coming our way.

If you liked Sunday's rain, Tuesday looks identical. Tuesday morning will be wet and gusty. Drive with care as there will be standing water on the roads. Gusts should stay below 30 mph but since all the trees still have their leaves I wouldn’t rule out some rogue branches bending onto power lines just like yesterday.

Tuesday afternoon will stay wet and breezy. Tuesday evening's commute will have standing water on the roads for more headaches.

Wednesday will be more like Monday with sun breaks and isolated thunderstorms.

Thursday looks nice. Enjoy!

Friday will be pleasant but there will be some showers for the beach and mountains.

Saturday looks good. We'll call that “the last nice day of summer 2019."

Sunday looks wet again. The equinox arrives at 12:50 Monday morning, and that means our nights will be longer than our days for the next six months.