Showers on the way for the weekend, but not a washout!

What a day!  Pretty skies with comfortable temperatures!  Highs found their way into the low 60s for some while others hung out in the upper 50s.  

Tonight our next weather maker drops in from British Columbia delivering showers along the northwest coast, the Strait and the mountains.  As we push into our daylight hours rain will start to fall closer inland and by midday most of us will have seen some rain. Look for winds to become breezy at times for the lowlands and gusty through the mountains.  Highs will land near our average seasonal high of 60.   

We'll see a break from showers Saturday, but by early Sunday rain will head back our way again with hanging in the upper 50s.  Our snow level drops off to 5,000ft Saturday we may see another dusting across Stevens and White Pass.  Sunday snow levels jump to 7,00ft.

Monday looks dry before another weak disturbance heads our way mid week, dropping in a few more showers to the region.  Highs will start to cool into the mid 50s so you will feel a little change in the air. 

Have a great night!  Erin 


  • Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

Twitter:  @ErinMayovsky   

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