Seattle weather: Unusual heat for October

This forecast is truly mind-boggling: highs will soar into the 80s across Western Washington today and tomorrow!

In Seattle's recorded history over 128 years, we've only had eleven days in the 80s for October.

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The average high for Sea-Tac Airport today is 66 degrees. We'll likely surpass the record for today which stands at 79 degrees. Olympia and Bellingham are set to smash daily records for today, too.

The weather should be beautiful for the Mariners game this afternoon! Remember to stay hydrated and lather on the sunscreen. 

Along with the sunshine, fire danger remains elevated, unfortunately. Do everything you can to avoid starting fires!

Wildfires are still burning over the Cascades and into Eastern Washington. With weak northeasterly/easterly winds in the forecast today, some of that smoke could filter into the foothills and Puget Sound lowlands. Right now, we're not forecasting a major, widespread hit to air quality. According to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, we expect "good" to "moderate" air quality today. In some communities surrounding Highway Two, air quality could drop to an "unhealthy for sensitive groups" level.

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Hazy sunshine continues through Monday as temps soar once again to the 80s. As an onshore flow returns Tuesday, temps dip to the mid 70s. Tuesday through Saturday, you can plan on morning clouds and afternoon sun. It's remarkable: there's no rain on the horizon for at least the next seven days (if not longer)!

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Meteorologist Abby Acone
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