Seattle weather: Cool and showery Memorial Day weekend

Breezy wind and isolated showers will hit Western Washington Friday afternoon as the area gears up for a cool and showery Memorial Day weekend.

Highs today will be in the mid 60s with some afternoon sunbreak in the mix as well.

If you plan to hit area waterways this weekend, remember that lakes and rivers are still dangerously cold. Water temps are still in the 50s in most spots, which can seize up your muscles. Even the best swimmers can drown in these conditions, so remember to wear a life vest on the water.

SeaTac has only hit 70 degrees twice so far this year, but we should be in for a few 70 degree days later this week. 

Memorial Day weekend will be showery on Saturday and Sunday, with drier and warmer conditions on Monday. Tuesday through Thursday, high pressure settles into the area, sending temps soaring into the 70s. Wednesday could be the warmest day so far this year with highs around 75 degrees.