Rain, wind and mountain snow welcome the first weekend of 2021

Well, what a way to celebrate the New Year!  An aggressive amount of rain, wind and mountain snow heading our way now.  Welcome 2021! 

Showers continue tonight and start to fall about some after midnight.  The mountains will see a wintry mix with snow levels near 5,500' dropping to 3,900ft overnight.  Rain will pick up again into the overnight hours.  

Saturday will be very wet and windy.  A fairly strong system rides in delivering more moisture and potentially very gusty winds.  Here's a look at the front as it pushes inland. 

Strongest winds will be seen at the coast to start, but gusts could push to 40+ mph inland. The National Weather Service issuing a High Wind Warning for the WA Coast, High Wind Watch for the SW Coast and finally a High Wind Adisory for most Puget Sound from the Candian border south through Lewis County.  This all goes into effect Saturday 7am-10pm.  We expect sustained southerly winds 30-40 with gusts up to 50 mph from Bellingham to Centrailia.  The coast even stronger, gusting up to 60 mph. 

With all the rain there is the threat of flooding throughout the region.  Seattle could pick up just over 3" of rain through Monday night.  Port Angeles almost 4" and Shelton just over 4".  With so much water flowing area rivers and streams will fill up pretty quickly, pushing some rivers over their banks.  There will be lots of ponding on roadways with drains clogging up because they won't be able to keep up with the steady, fast flow of water. 

A Flood Watch for all of Western WA is now up along with a Flood Warning for the Skokomish River in Mason county.  We'll keep watching these areas through next week. 

There is also a High Surf Advisory for the WA Coast too. That's in effect tonight - Sunday.  Stay clear of the coast as conditions will be dangerous.  We expect very larger breaker waves, up to 28ft. 

Sunday looks for a few scattered showers, otherwise the day is mostly dry and a little breezy still.  Showers will return just after dinner time though.  Rain will continue into Monday.  Look for heavy downpours at times.   We'll continue to monitor our area rivers for lowland flooding. 

Another issue this weekend is mountain pass travel over the Cascades. We expect up to two feet of snow to fall by Sunday night.  Please check on mountain travel conditions before you head out.  Below is a link to help you find the information you'll need to drive safely through the passes.   

Washington Department of Transpertation Mountain Pass 

Tuesday brings a few more showers with dry periods and possibly some sunbreaks in between.  Highs run above our normal average of 45 for this time of year... instead we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s. Overnights will average too landing in the low to mid 40s. 

A chance of showers through the rest of the week with some dry periods too. And we may even see some blue skies towards the end of the week!  Stay tuned!  

Have a great start to 2021 everyone!  ~Erin  

Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

Twitter:  @ErinMayovsky

FaceBook:  /ErinMayovsky

Instagram:  @ErinMayovsky

*Here are some good reminders for Flood Safety and Landslide/Mudslide threats for the region.