Rain returns for the weekend

Rain at times continues today, though most is hanging along the coast / Olympic Peninsula so far this morning. The front draped along the coast will be pushing inland through the morning hours across Puget Sound. Much milder morning than yesterday with temps currently in the 45-50 range already around Puget Sound and temps will only tick upwards 3-5 degrees from here even in the afternoon. 

Winter Weather Advisory only for the Olympics today. Flood Watch for the very flood prone Mason County and Skokomish River due to the precipitation hitting the south end of the Olympic Mountains. 1-2" of rain for the coast coming today-- and about 0.25-0.50" for most Puget Sound locales. Steady rain this morning tapers into some on/off passing showers with sunbreaks this afternoon. 

Weekend still looks soggy. Showery Saturday and a bit soggier Sunday.

Next week damp weather starts the work week— but still some mid-week drying and sun looks likely.-Tim Joyce