Rain moves out, sunshine moves in bringing chilly temperatures

SEATTLE -- Rain is moving out of western Washington and sunshine is moving in!

High temperatures much like Monday near the seasonal normal of 50 degrees for this time of year. Clear skies and chilly north winds this afternoon means when the sun goes down at the very early 4:30, we'll see temperatures fall quickly this evening. Overnight lows will plunge to near the seasonal low of 39-- something we haven't seen in awhile around here. Fog will likely form in dense pockets in many places after midnight.

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    A ridge of high pressure offshore will build into the Northwest and help deliver some fall sunshine. The price to pay for clear skies this time of year is that we'll see morning temps that will be a tad frosty, especially in the south end of the Sound.

    Morning fog is likely in many spots. High temperatures will be near the norm of 50 through this next dry spell.

    More clouds on Saturday and some showers likely by the end of the day.

    Sunday and Monday look to have some showers too. Snow levels lower in the mountains to below all of our passes so be ready for the possibility of snow and ice getting over the Cascades at the beginning of the busy Thanksgiving travel week.