Rain is here, but snow isn't out of the picture

SEATTLE -- Sunday was the wettest day in Seattle since October, Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley says.

But does the rain mean we’re out of the mix for snow?

Well, not quite.

Kelley says the snow levels will remain low enough that we could still see flakes during the morning hours Tuesday and Wednesday. Snow is most likely to fall near the high hills away from the Puget Sound.

“This whole week it will be cold enough in the morning, we should see snow around,” Kelley said.

Kelley says Tuesday will start out with rain and snow showers, with little accumulation expected. Most of the snow will center in the South Sound. Tuesday afternoon will be dry, Kelley says, but more snow showers are possible Wednesday.

Again, Kelley stressed most of the snow will stick to the high hills.

“It’s not for downtown Seattle, it’s mainly for high hills away from the Puget Sound,” Kelley said.

There have been 15 snowfall events since Thanksgiving, most missing the downtown Seattle area, Kelley says.

In fact, the whole Pacific Northwest is dealing with snow this year; with Portland, Bend and areas of Idaho seeing the most snowfall in years.

Another note for Sunday: Seattle reached 41 degrees. That's the highest temperature in nearly 10 days.

Following Wednesday, another cold, dry spell comes through.