Rain and wind tonight and then drying for later Wednesday into Thursday

Happy sloppy Tuesday all!

Rain and wind tonight will continue as our "Atmospheric River" takes aim right at us delivering blustery conditions.  With this surge of moisture our area rivers, stream and ponds are at their banks.  Some will remain above flood stage while others recede some before rising again. 

This situation also increases the risk of landslides and mudslides around the region.  Be careful and know your surrounding!  Listen to the ground for unusual sounds as the earth shifts. 

Here are some of the weather alerts that will affect all of us around Western WA:  

Southerly winds tonight will become pretty gusty at times.  We expect sustained winds 10-20mph, gusting to 35 mph at times for the region. Elsewhere, along the coast a bit stronger gusting to 35-40 mph.  

And to the mountains!  We are monitoring heavy rains too!  The rain will eventually turn over to snow very early Wednesday morning, but the threat of back country avalanche is real.  Stay away from out of bounds areas as crews evaluate the situation and control the slope.  Snow levels will drop and then climb again as we push through the rest of the week.

The rest of the week looks somewhat calm compared to today.  By Wednesday mid-day we dry out.  Our break between systems will last through Thursday night before rain returns through Friday late morning.  At this point, Friday afternoon through Saturday looks dry too.  Sunday- Tuesday we expect a chance of showers with sun breaks in between.  

Stay dry! Stay safe!  Have a great night all! ~ Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster