Seattle weather: Quiet and cold weather pattern for the next week

The Pacific Northwest continues to stay cool and mainly dry through next week.  

Highs Thursday ran seven degrees below average, with the airport landing at 46. Normal for this time of year is 53. 

A weak front will push into the NW WA Coast overnight into early Friday.  Our lows are chilly with near temps freezing for some.  

Seattle bottoms out near 36 with areas of patchy fog farther south near Olympia and Chehalis.  

And colder lows are on the way into the weekend and next week.  The trend is well below normal with temperatures plummeting to freezing or colder starting Monday. 

Here's a snapshot, thanks to futurecast models, of where a few showers may fall early Friday. We're watching mainly the NW Coast, the Strait, along with areas east of the Olympics like Bremerton. Otherwise, Friday will look and feel very similar to Thursday.  

Highs for your Veterans Day top out in the mid to upper 40s across Puget Sound with slightly warmer highs at the beach.  Winds will kick up some for the coast and the foothills too.  

This weekend is cold as well with mostly sunny skies.  

Saturday is the warmer day near 50, but highs drop again Sunday into the mid 40s. Brr!  And check out overnights…Lows get into the cold zone with temperatures near freezing! 

We expect lots of Fall sunshine into next week.  We're not tracking really any moisture until next weekend.  Enjoy!

Have a great night all! ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster

*Tracking November Rain