One more dry day before cold, wet and active weather arrives

Happy Wednesday! What a day across Puget Sound! We saw ominous skies turn into thunder and lightning with heavy downpours delivering rain and hail the size of large peas.  Highs were much cooler too only in the low 50s for most spots. Here's a look at a viewer photo from today's wild weather: 

After the quick burst of rain and hail skies cleared for a nice afternoon.  Tonight expect some very cold overnight lows.  Temperatures will drop into the mid 30s near downtown with even cooler spots in the valleys.  

A frost advisory is in effect for tonight through tomorrow morning for portions of Puget Sound and the SE interior. Also, a Winter Storm Watch will go into effect for all of Friday.  Details on both alerts are below: 

A fairly quiet day for Thursday after a frosty start.  Look for mostly sunny skies with highs cool, only in the low 50s.  Normal for this time of year is 57. 

Now to the big weather story this week.  A strong weather system will move in late Friday morning dropping widespread rain to the lowlands with snow across the mountains.  Rain totals for the coast and inland could be about an inch with more in the higher elevations.  Above 2,000ft we will see snow!  The Cascades will see a decent amount of snow.  Some spots will see six inches to nearly a foot fall.  And yes, the foothills may get a dusting of snow as well with snow levels fluctuating. 

Something else to keep an eye on for Friday are chilly highs, only in the mid 40s with winds picking up a little throughout the day too.  Most of the winds down near the surface will move through about 10-15 mph with gusts up to 20.  

We do expect our weather to settle down some after Friday's weather exits.  For the most part we'll see partly to mostly sunny skies with a chance of a few weak disturbances giving way to light showers here and there.  Highs will warm a little each day with temps back in the low 50s by mid week. 

Have a great night!  ~Erin 


  • Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

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