Normal mid-May weather returns with showers, cooler temps

SEATTLE -- We have changed our weather back to what it is supposed to be in the middle of May: Mostly cloudy with highs near 65. There will even be some rain this week.

Monday starts out cloudy with some sun breaks during the afternoon and the high will be around 68 degrees. Tuesday brings some showers and a high near 60. It won’t rain all day, and I’m only expecting about 1/10 of an inch but it will be the first rain this month.

Wednesday looks pretty dry but mostly cloudy and a high near 65. Thursday has some passing showers and sun breaks. Friday has passing showers but not too much. Saturday looks fairly damp and breezy with a high only near 60. Sunday has passing showers too.

Hot weather is gone for now, but it will return at some point, just not for the next 10 days.