New system hits on Wednesday

Expect cloudy skies with overnight lows dropping into the mid-lower 40s tomorrow morning. The clouds will break for more sunshine and temperatures will warm up into the lower 60s!

Overall, a quiet day tomorrow. Now, the changes arrive on Wednesday morning. That's when an approaching front will hit and trigger showers, gusty winds and mountain snow.

Here is a look at the timeline:

Expect .10"-.25" of accumulation with some heavy downpours to kick-start the day. The rain will quickly clear out, and we can expect some sunshine that afternoon as temperatures peak in the upper 50s.

The winds will increase as well. We'll have to keep our eyes on the North Sound! Some models are indicating high wind gusts in that area. Most of us we'll have gusts exceeding 25 mph so expect it to be gusty! 

I'll leave you with a look at your 7-day forecast:

Have a good one!