More power outages likely Wednesday as snow and wind hammer Western Washington

SEATTLE -- It will be snowy now through early Wednesday. Most of the snow will be North of Seattle.

The Eastside and North Interior through Port Angeles and the Coast will have more than 3 inches and some will top another 6 inches. Most of Wednesday morning will be dry between storms.

Wednesday has another round of wet and heavy snow, but this time it will be for the Hood Canal and the South Sound out toward the Coast. Wednesday night will be windy and this will cause lots of power outages.

The Windy spots will be Foothills, North Interior, and Coast gusts over 40 mph there. Trees will be weak from weeks of rain and will be top heavy from all the snow/ice/rain.

Thursday looks reasonable as the snow level rises above the cities. However, that creates more problems for the Foothills and Mountains through the weekend. There will still be highway pass issues for sure!

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