Seattle weather: Mild today and much cooler Sunday

After a super-soaking 48 hours, mild weather is in store for Western Washington today. Maximize on the gorgeous weather and get outside!

There's only a slight chance for isolated showers today, but most backyards stay dry. Sunshine is on tap this afternoon after a gloomy, cloudy start to the day. Highs stay below-average in the mid to upper 60s: not bad for students graduating at Husky Stadium today!

Note: a few thunderstorms are possible in Eastern Washington both today and tomorrow.

Unless a shower bubbles up over Seattle tonight (which is unlikely), the roof will probably stay open for the Mariners game at 7:10. Temps stay comfortable in the mid 60s at first pitch. I'd recommend bringing a warm layer with you in case you get chilly for the final innings.

On Futurecast, you see that any showers today look super isolated. Showers look most likely over the Eastern Strait or higher elevations. 

Tomorrow, you can expect cloudier skies and cooler temps. Some showers could develop, but most of the action will probably happen over the Southern Cascades. By the evening, some showers could drift over Seattle, King County and Central Puget Sound. 

Even though a few showers may pop up on Monday, many will wind up dry. Highs stay well below-normal in the low 60s. 

Tuesday doesn't look bad at all: a stray shower can't be ruled out, but the day will be mainly quiet. 

Wednesday is the bright spot in our seven day forecast. :) The weather will be spectacular (at least, compared to our recent sogfest). Enjoy the sunshine! 

Thursday and Friday, spotty showers and partly sunny skies are in the works. 

Thanks so much for choosing FOX 13! Hope you watch our newscasts this weekend. 

Have a fantastic weekend, 

Meteorologist Abby Acone
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