Mainly dry Thursday with heavier rain ahead Friday night

A weak system will break up over the Pacific Northwest today bringing cloudy skies and just a few light showers.

High temps will remain five to ten degrees cooler than average for this time of year, only making it into the low to mid 50s.

If you're getting the sniffles, it's because allergy season is kicking in. Tree pollens are still going strong (you probably see some yellow dust on your cars). We will also be seeing grass pollens get going here in the next few weeks. Saturday and Monday should be better for those suffering from allergies because we'll be seeing rain in the morning those days.

Even though it's been a cool month, Seattle is running a little below average for rainfall up to this point with a little over two inches. Friday night into Saturday morning could get us back close to average for the month, with a little over a half inch of precipitation expected.

The second half of Saturday will be more dry than wet and Sunday looks like a nice day with clouds and warmer temps. Tuesday and Wednesday could prove to be really nice with highs back into the 60s!