Lowland snow chances increase Thursday and Friday as colder weather moves in

SEATTLE -- Now through the Jan. 18 expect wintry weather, and that means heavy rain, heavy mountain snow, windy periods, more urban street flooding, low snow levels, cold days, icy roads and generally raw weather. Winter is here!

Now through Thursday morning will be rainy and chilly, especially near the convergence zone, which is near Seattle but mainly NE of Seattle. This area can see snow but I’m not expecting much.

The foothills and mountains will get lots of snow as the snow level remains around 1,000 feet.

Thursday during the day looks mostly dry, enjoy! Late Thursday and early Friday look sloppy again with some snow/rain mix or slushy snow pretty much anywhere. The best chance for sticking snow would be away from Puget Sound.

Friday looks really raw and wet. Most of Friday will just be a cold rain for the lowlands, but the mountains will get tons and tons of snow. I’d expect many delays or closures on the passes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday is sloppy again with mostly rain for the Metro but heavy snow for the foothills and mountains. Snow level Saturday goes up to 2,000 feet! Sunday looks like rain for the Metro until Sunday night.

Sunday night through all of next week looks as cold as ice and we will have to wait each day to see the snow set up but no matter what icy conditions will prevail. Lows will be in the 20s for all.

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