Large tree branch knocks out power to some Kenmore homes; more outages in Snohomish County

A large tree branch fell in Kenmore blocking the road on 83rd Avenue NE and NE 185th Street. 80 customers were reportedly without power in that neighborhood.

Residents say the tree came down around noon and they heard a large boom when it happened. Puget Sound Energy assessed the scene and damage, but say they are so busy with outages across the region, and there is still no time frame on when power will be restored. PSE says to stay at least 35 feet away from downed power lines because they may be energized.

Around 9 p.m., Snohomish County PUD officials said approximately 2,807 homes are without power.

In Snohomish County, strong winds blew through Everett Tuesday afternoon. In Marine Park, flags whipped in the wind, folks braved the gusts, and birds had a hard time flying on this blustery fall day.

Vernon Ore lives in Snohomish where strong winds knocked out power to homes in his neighborhood. He said it disrupted remote learning for his grandaughter. At his home, he's well prepared for inclement weather.

"I cut a lot of firewood and I've got a wood stove so I can cook on it and my hunting and camping gear, so I'm well prepared," said Ore.

This is Washington state's first windstorm of the season and they happen every Fall and Winter.

The Washington State Department of Health says during a windstorm:
- Make sure to know how to properly use a home generator
- If you are indoors, move away from windows or objects that could fall
- If you are outdoors, move into a building
- If you are driving, pull off the roads and stop away from trees and avoid overpasses
- Avoid downed electric power lines and utility poles