July-uary weather continues in Western Washington

Hard to believe it's summer -- but this kind of chilly and soggy weather can happen in early July.

A weather system to our north is pushing in the clouds, and on/off passing showers, and the cooler than normal temps. Expect temps again in the mid 60s for most of us. Normal is 74 for this time of year. Lots of clouds with a few more breaks to the southern Sound than we saw yesterday. Most of the isolated showers and drizzly areas will be along the Olympic Peninsula and up north. Much more clearing east of the Cascades.

One good thing about this dreary summer weather is that the rain and chill keeps the pollen counts way down. So, less sniffling and sneezing on these kind of days. Pollen can really get going on warm breezy days, but the good news is that the tree season is pretty much over and grass pollen has already peaked for the 2020 allergy season.

Pollen counts remain low until the weekend.

We've got a dip in the jet stream called a trough that will affect us for the next few days. We're on the cool side of the jet stream so we'll see another day today and tomorrow of highs in the 60s. You can really see the atmospheric swirl forming just off Vancouver Island looking at the water vapor in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric water vapor satellite imagery from 7-2-2020

That low off the coast will be with mechanism that drives in today's showers and some stubborn morning clouds on Friday and Saturday. I'm still optimistic that it will ease a bit more on Sunday to help us get some more sun and slightly warmer temps.