‘It’s not OK’: Pet owners reminded not to forget about furry friends

SEATTLE -- A reminder to pet owners as another round of snow is headed for western Washington: Don’t forget about your furry friends.

“It’s a pretty cold year,” said dog walker Sarah Leal.

Leal said she makes sure the dozen or so dogs she cares for have an added layer of protection and are never left outside in freezing temperatures.

“They have jackets, just like if you were to go outside,” said Leal. “I mean, would you want to be left outside in the cold or in a kennel? It's the same principle; It’s not OK.”

Seattle Parks and Recreation workers spent Wednesday making sure pet owners -- and others enjoying the outdoors -- could do so with peace of mind.

Parks workers, chainsaws in hand, were spread out across the city clearing fallen trees from recent storms that blocked trails and paths at local parks.

Seattle Parks and Recreation Natural Resources Manager Jon Jainga said listen -- and look up.

“You can actually hear a crack in the branch and you need to look up,” said Jainga. “With that crack, you want to get away from the tree and get to the open area so that branch doesn't fall on you.”

City crews at Carkeek Park even got help from neighbors.

“When you see some of the limbs go down and stick into the ground,” said Loren McElvain. “They`re buried like seven or eight inches; you think I`m glad that`s not my head.”

Seattle Parks and Recreation recommends using the Find It, Fix It app to report fallen trees.