Hottest weekend of the year ahead

This afternoon temps in the comfortable 70s are likely for most of us. A bit warmer than Wednesday, but not quite at seasonal norms. Plenty of blue skies though-- and a big warm up is ahead.

We've seen two days above 90 so far this year, but they happened on a Monday and Thursday. Our next big warm up happens to fall exactly on a weekend when temps likely will hit 90 in a few spots on Saturday in the South Sound. And even more widespread 90s are expected as we get into Sunday around Puget Sound. A typical summer season in Seattle sees about 4 days of 90+ temps. 

The high pressure ridge keeping us so warm this weekend, looks like it will ease a bit getting into the beginning of next week. That will mean a return cooler flow off the cold Pacific Ocean will head back our way.

That will mean some morning clouds and a return to more seasonal temps near 77.

We've seen our fair share of temps in the 80s so far this year, but we can still see 80s well into September historically in the Seattle area. 

-Tim Joyce